From devising and re-defining the business model, defining the revenue and cost model, working out business plans, to assessing and sizing the market, leveraging on competitive gaps, and performance improvement and scalability, Argon’s team has commendable expertise and have worked across the length and breadth of the business advisory landscape

Understanding market, competition and what part of the addressable universe that can be tapped requires focused and diligent approach. Also developing strategies to scale up businesses and expand into other markets / geography requires specialized professionals to constantly advise throughout the engagement journey. With these objectives in mind, Argon has carefully crafted its advisory services in this spectrum to deliver the solutions that companies usually look for. Our services under the business advisory landscape includes, but not limited to, the following

  1. Sizing the Market
  2. Leveraging Competitive Advantage
  3. Devising and Re-defining the Business Model
  4. Defining Revenue and Cost Model
  5. Performance Improvement and Scalability
  6. Business Plan