Argon’s capabilities and offerings extends beyond traditional investment banking that also includes, in addition to fund raising and M&A advisory, scanning and identifying markets, opportunity assessment, re-defining business, performance scalability and improvement

With demonstrated capabilities in the Investment Banking spectrum, Argon’s services goes beyond the traditional investment banking offerings and has often engaged with its clients from the pre-feasibility stage to scanning & identifying markets, sizing the markets, defining the opportunity, evaluating and testing the concepts, and assessing the investment requirements before working on and taking the investment pitch to investors fraternity – financial and strategic – for fund raising and M&A advisory. Our relationship with our clients continues beyond the deal life-cycle, and we have also provided our expertise in the post-funding & acquisition stage, whereby we work on the strategy blueprint to ensure the post-fund operational and financial metrics are achieved

Argon’s team has combined experience of more than 30 years in the deal life-cycle space – strategic and financial – and has worked on transactions that includes domestic, cross border and international. Our Investment Banking process includes two very important fundamental pillars:

Argon’s Proprietary Investor Map

Having built a network of more than 300 investors globally over the years in addition to our network partners, Argon has created global investor map according to the following criteria:

  1. Stage of Investments
    1. Early stage – we have access to Incubation Fund, Seed Capital, Angel Investors and Venture Capital
    2. Early Growth Stage – we have access to Late Stage Venture Capital, Early Growth Private Equity Funds
    3. Late Growth Stage – we have access to Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Strategic Investors
    4. Mature Stage – we have access to Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Strategic Investors
  2. Ticket size
    1. Low of US$300,000
    2. High of – there is no upper limit
  3. Investment Type
    1. Equity
    2. Debt – Mezzanine Funds, Debt Funds
  4. Sectors
    1. Consumer Delivery (healthcare, hospitality & tourism, education, retail, consumer durables, consumer non-durables, food & beverage, and e-commerce platforms across sectors)
    2. Cement and Infrastructure
    3. Other Manufacturing
    4. Real Estate
    5. BFSI
  5. Geography
    1. India
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Nepal
    4. South-East Asia
    5. Middle East
    6. Africa
    7. Europe
    8. North America
Robust Engagement Framework

The robust engagement culture ingrained in the DNA of Argonites makes us stand apart in the advisory ecosystem. By understanding the problem statement and end objectives of our clients, we structure the solution framework and test the hypothesis across the framework that includes testing the business model, operating model, revenue and cost strategies, their inherent ability to scale up and capitalize on market opportunities, synergies that are likely to be realized at revenue, operating and financial level, and the cash it can generate over the assessment period post fund infusion and / or post-merger. Based on this, we assess the overall long-term strategic perspective and the value it is likely to deliver post fund infusion and / or post-merger in terms of EPS accretive. This helps us to customize our advisory service to our clients including transaction structuring