With expertise across global landscape and an extremely strong investor relationship network, Argon is well poised to craft the perfect solution for its clientele in the advisory ecosystem

Strong Base of Global Investor Network

  1. More than 300 networks of investors globally
  2. Access to United Nations’ financing arm for specific transactions

Flexibility in Transaction Size

  1. Transaction size ranging from as low as $0.3 million to no upper limit
  2. Access to incubation fund, seed fund, angel investors, VCs, and PEs

Tailor-Made Customized Solutions

  1. Focused approach towards mandate objective
  2. Structuring solutions based on target outcomes

Time Critical Across Execution Spectrum

  1. Rapid response across relationship lifecycle i.e., initial meeting-to-discussion stage-to-proposal stage-to client onboarding
  2. Time critical schedule across execution life-cycle-to-mandate completion

Deep Knowledge in Multiple Sectors

  1. Understanding of business dynamics and business cycles
  2. Understanding of demand – supply equation in the sector
  3. Understanding of potential market size and growth and spotting the opportunity for the clients

Capabilities Across Various Sectors

  1. Fund Raising and M&A
  2. Valuations, market sizing, feasibility, CDD & BDD
  3. Growth, expansion, optimization and restructuring strategies

Global Coverage in IB and Advisory

  1. India and South-East Asia
  2. GCC, Levant Economies and Africa
  3. Europe and North America

Enduring Relationship with Clients

  1. Client-centric approach
  2. Meeting the unstated expectations
  3. Providing post-mandate support for sustainable growth of clients’ business